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Rapture watched the tall lanky man enter Lenny's room, her eyes narrowing with suspicion; she had always wondered why Lenny had always acted so odd, she just hadn't know it was because of some boy. The two of them would have to speak later, she couldn't afford any questionable acts to come and break their 'trust'. She turned, and continued to her own room, she would question her about it later because she had more important things to do now.
A knock at the door roused Rapture from her musings, "Come in" she responded, sitting up straighter, and turning towards the door. The broad build that was Fate entered the room and turned, closing the door gently behind him. She almost laughed at the scene, the thing they called their Soldier could be such a raging lunatic at one moment, like when he found out Zira was truly dead, but yet be so gentle with meaningless things, like whether a door was shut gently or not.
"And you decided to intrude upon my personal space why?" She asked, frowning and brushing her bangs back out of her eyes.
"Hmph, maybe you won't be so sarcastic when you hear what I have to offer." His jack-o-latern smile grew, red eyes flashing.
"Oh?" She seemed unamused, boredom written all over her small face, "And that would be...?"
"I've come here to give you the chance of going quietly. Of giving up without a fight and running back to that misreable slum of a RED base you call home."
Rapture burst out into loud laughter, shoulders shaking from the force of it as she placed a hand over her mouth to try to contain it, "Wha, what?! Give up what?" She giggled, trying to calm herself down, her cheeks flushing a bit.
Fate frowned, giving her an odd look, "I really don't think you want to turn my offer down, Cecilia."
"Oh, so you've actually done some digging and found out my first name." She rolled her eyes, "Do you want me to give you a cookie and pat you on the head?"
"No, I just want you to know that I am serious about this, Cecilia." With his part said he turned and opened the door, throwing her one last glance before leaving and closing the door behind him.
"Oh please, like an amatuer like him could possibly have anything important on me." She spun her chair back to where it faced the desk, and leaned back, stretching out.

Back at the RED base Gerald sat across from Khronos, watching the female engineer scribble something furiously on a piece of yellow paper, then return to sketching a line on her blue planning paper. "You do know that using your hand like this will just make it take longer to heal." He told her, she glanced up and gave him a grim smile.
"Would you rather me do this quietly or spend the rest of the time I'm stuck in this med bay assaulting your ears with my 'lovely' singing voice?" She smirked, tipping her helmet back to where she could watch his expression from under her goggles.
"You know I do have a few sedatives tucked away..." He warned, smirking even more than her.
"Oh, but you wouldn't want to waste them on me." She told him, voice full of confidence.
"And why not?" He asked, amused.
"What if Shy needs a sedative, and you wasted one on me...for a mere broken wrist." His stare went blank and his cheeks flushed slightly.
"Fine. But if your condition gets worse don't come crying to me." He told her, crossing his arms and leaned back in his chair.
"Oh please, I'm not a big baby." She grinned, looking back down at her designs and adding a few more lines, "Anyway, when this baby is done those BLU's won't know what hit 'em."
Gerald sat up and leaned towards the table where her papers sat, he picked up one of the yellow pieces of paper and began reading it, his unbandaged eye widening, "This is amazing, Khronos. It will effectively destroy any BLU within a 5 mile radius but not any RED's, even if they are disguised as BLU's."
"Now you know why I am so adamant on finishing this as soon as possible." Khronos grabbed the paper back, scribbling down some measurements and mathmatical equations on it.
"What can I do to help?" He asked, feeling a small thrill of excitement run through him, if this worked the war would be over and he could speak to a certain someone about something other than weapons and the enemy.
"Well..." Khronos tipped her hardhat back again and scratched her head thoughtfully, "Let's start with getting this," She pointed at a certain part of her sketch, "built, I want to make sure that it can support itself and I would like to test it out at some point." She paused, "Which would mean capturing a BLU a some point without causing the BLU's to attack us after the respawn timer is off, plus if it doesn't kill the BLU we either have to keep it here until it dies or return it without the memory of what transpired."
"That'll be easy. What's going to be hard is convincing Alaya to allow us to capture a BLU."
"I don't think it'll be that hard to convince her; have you seen how overboard she goes when killing them? I think the problem will be preventing her from killing the damn thing on sight."

Lenny passed by the kitchen, running a hand through her dirty blond hair; Rapture stood up from her seat at the table, and strode towards the sniper, leaving her food to spoil.
"Hey Lenny," Rapture called out, and the sniper turned to face her, a smile breaking out on her face.
"Hey Rapture, you need something?" She asked, stuffing her hands in the pocket of her jacket.
"Yes, I need to ask you something." She replied, brushing a piece of lint off of her shirt absentmindidly.
"Shoot." Lenny replied, glancing up the hallway to see Randa running across the hall, a terrified look on her face followed by a baseball soaring towards her head. She smiled slightly as she turned her attention back to the red headed spy.
"Okay, first of all," She began her index finger indicating this was just the first of many, "who was that boy I saw entering your room earlier today?" Raptures green eyes watched the sniper stiffen and she smirked.
"There was no boy in my room earlier today." Lenny responded quickly, and Rapture narrowed her eyes.
"Don't lie to me, Lenny. We've gone too far to let a little boyfriend ruin this partnership."
Lenny chuckled and shook her head, "Fine, you caught me. Doesn't really surprise me seeing as you're a spy and all. But," Lenny looked up and brushed a few stray strands of hair out of her face, "I wouldn't call him my 'boyfriend', I guess you could say that we're....close friends."
"A boy sneaks into your room in the middle of the day and when I confront you about it you deny it at first, as  if I'm going to believe that you two are just 'close friends'." Rapture told her, placing a hand on her hip.
Lenny sighed looking at her shook her head slowly, "Okay, okay." She held her hands up in surrender, "Just, just follow me to my room, I have to show you something." Rapture raised a brow, and Lenny just started walking towards her room.
Rapture followed after a moment, Lenny opened the door and went in first, Rapture following and watching as Lenny stepped behind her and closed the door.
"You might want to sit down." Lenny warned, but Rapture shook her head and crossed her arms, "Or not..." Lenny reached into her pocket pulling out a small remote like device. She pressed a few buttons in sequence and a smoke plumed around her, much like that of when a spy cloaked.
Raptures green eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as she noted that it wasn't a girl dressed in RED in front of her or even a girl for that matter.
It was male.
Lenny was male.
"What...?" She began, sliding down the wall till she was sitting on the floor.
"Let's begin from the beginning shall we?" He asked, "It's a long story so you should get comfortable." He patted the spot beside him on his bed, Rapture stood slowly and sat beside him, he leaned back against the wall and sighed, "The beginning, let's see....hmmmm. Oh, yes, I signed up for BLU industries when I was the age of 15, I was accepted by those imbeciles and served them well until the age of 17. They kicked me out because I killed one of my own teammates whom I assumed was a spy. My supposed 'teammates' said I had done it out of jealousy, that I hated my teams own Soldier and had it in for him since I had first joined. After they took everything I had ever known away from me, a job, friends, even my goddamn sniper rifle!" His voice rose and he punched the pillow beside him, "I signed up to join RED the next day. I was accepted and swore to make it as misreable for the BLU team as I could..."
"And now you're here? To ruin BLU?"
"Oh, that's only half of the story, but that's all you need to know for now." He looked down at her, and smirked watching her bite her lip as she argued with herself on if it would be worth trying to blackmail him for the rest of his story or not, "It's not worth it." He told her gently.
Her green eyes flashed as she looked at him, "We'll see about that..."
"I'll tell you the rest of it later on if..." He grinned at her, "you keep my little secret."
"Like I was thinking about telling. All you'd have to do is show the rest of my team that I'm really a RED and I'm screwed." She told him.
"True. Very true." Lenny responded.
"You have a very feminine name you know...I never would have suspected you were actually...well, you know, male."
"Actually, my real name is Leonard. I knew when I disguised as a girl I would have to play the part in every way I could. So I became Lenny."
"I see. Well, the others will never find you out."
"And how do you know that?" He asked, watching her amused.
"If it took someone like me, this long to figure it out, you'll have killed the others and be back home sipping a healthy glass of wine before the possibility could have even crossed their minds."
How many of you saw that coming?
DON'T LIE, PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN... well....not you Tori, you knew... <3

BLU Team:


RED Team:

-Heavy-Echo- :iconescapingrapture:
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