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"We have a mission in thirty minutes, Rapture." Lenny informed her friend, who was currently smoking outside on the balcony that the snipers seemed to prefer.
"Yay, more intelligence stealing. Just to have it pop up in their base again magically!" Rapture growled, and Lenny rolled her eyes.
"You've been doing this for like, forever and all of a sudden it bothers you? What about the pay? We're getting it from both BLU and RED!" Lenny had dropped her voice to a whisper as she had said the last sentence, "It's good enough for us to retire for the rest of our lives!"
"Yer double agents?" A deep voice came from behind Rapture, she turned.
"What are you talking about, Findlay? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Someones' been hitting the scrumpy pretty hard, eh, Lenny?"
"Yeah, man, you really should stop drinking so much, that stuff is bad for you." Lenny warned.
"Lasses, I haven't had as much as I usually do by now, and I know I heard you talking about being paid by RED and BLU. How would it be possible to be paid by both of them if you weren't spies?" Rapture frowned deeply. She wished she could kill this drunken idiot right then and there, but Fate was already getting too close for comfort on uncovering who was the double agent on this team, so she would have to try making a deal with him.
"Okay, you're right. Now could you please keep it down?"
"Oi, sorry."
"Okay, what do you want?"
"What do ye mean 'want'?" Rapture sighed, and almost facepalmed, was he going to make her spell it out for him? It turned out he was, he just watched her silently as she had waited for him to make his demands.
"What do you want me to give you in return for you keeping my secret secret?"
"Yeah." Rapture was actually shocked at this; she was used to people only taking, and wanting more and more. What was the word for what they usually did? ....blackmail, that was it! But this....Scottish Cyclops wanted nothing to keep her true identity as a double agent safe.
This had to be a trick of some sort, unless...
"You're a spy as well?" Rapture asked.
"What would make ye think that, Lass?" Findlay asked, confused.
"Why else would you not want something in return, unless you're a spy yourself!"
"Shhh, keep it down, Rapture. There's still the others to worry about." Lenny hissed.
Rapture nodded, and then looked back at Findlay, "I'm not a spy." He told her simply.
"Fine. If you want to deny it, that's cool. As long as you keep my secret safe, that is." It was obvious from the glare Rapture was giving him as she said that last sentence that there was an underlying threat: Tell anyone, and the black scottish cyclops will become extinct.
Findlay seemed to acknowledge the hidden threat, and just nodded.

"What are you three doing over here? We have a battle to win!" Randa exclaimed, waving at them to gather their attention.
"We'll continue this later. Got it?" Rapture told Findlay, and he nodded again, turning and going towards Randa.
"Why don't we mess around with our favorite taunts again?" He asked, and Randa nodded excitedly, he led her away.

"Great...another liability." Rapture sighed.
"I dunno. If we had to tell someone of our true mission I'd pick him. He's so drunk he can barely stand most of the time, and most of the words out of his mouth are complete gibberish. Who's gonna take him seriously?" Lenny pointed out.
"That is...a good point." Rapture told her, but I still don't like the idea of someone besides us knowing. Isn't that why we killed Zira in the first place? Because she was getting too close to finding out the truth?" Rapture responded.
"Yeah. But we weren't sure how much she knew, we know he knows that we're spies from the opposite team. We know exactly where he stands. With her, it was blind, we had no idea if she was gonna tell Fate or if she was gonna keep quiet."
"Another good point. I guess we'll see how it goes, but if he squeals, you're going to be the one who cleans up his mess."
"I'm fine with that because I'm certain we can trust him."

Mission begins in 30 seconds
"Oh crap, I gotta get my gun. See ya, Rapture!" Lenny ran off, clapping one hand to the top of her head to keep her hat on as she sprinted to the other side of the building where her room was.
"Uh...see you." Rapture chuckled quietly at her friend as she made her way towards the others, who were anxiously awaiting the battle to begin so they could get it over with for the day.

Gerald followed close behind Echo, the heavy who was chuckling to herself about how she was going to destroy all those BLU babies, he sighed to himself, wondering why he had been sent to this team. He could have been sent to any other team, with a normal heavy! But no, he was sent to this team full of the most crazy people he had ever dealt with before. This heavy, oddly was a girl, could easily pick up her minigun, but preferred to drag it on the ground for chrissakes! Not to mention she acted like most normal heavies in her speech and attitude towards the other team. She plunged head first into battle seemingly without a care in the world, laughing maniacally and shooting at anything that moved.
"Echo, hold on a second." He told her, and she stopped.
"Yes, doctor?"
"My ubercharge is almost built up, hold on a second and let me fill it up okay." It should have been a question, but the tone was that of a statement.
"Oh..whatever you say, Doctor." She smiled, and waited, occasionally moving around to hopefully prevent being stabbed in the back by a spy.
"Okay, there we go." Gerald announced, and Echo nodded, picking her mini gun up off of the ground and continuing on her merry way inside the BLU base. Gerald sighed, this was just another day at 2Fort...

It wasn't really surprising to see the blue dot of doom before you ran on the balcony, Julia had even turned it into a game, run forth a bit, then back, watch the blue dot follow her and maybe, just maybe, try to shoot her. It was always fun to hear Lenny shout obsenities at the scout at the top of her lungs from across the bridge on her own teams balcony.
Julia ran down into the sewers, not because she was afraid of being shot in the head, but because less people travelled in the sewers, and it was much faster than trying to avoid other classes.
She entered the BLU base, glancing around as she made her way into the clearing and onto the staircase, she ran down towards the intelligence room, grinning at her good luck so far.
She sped into the room, and almost immidiatly died; she had forgotten they now had an engineer.
Pillsbury chuckled to himself as he tightened a bolt on his level 3 sentry, "Lets see you get our intelligence now, you little jack rabbit."
Rapture entered the RED base, disguised as the RED soldier, she headed towards the intelligence room, looking as if she was merely checking on things as she leaned against Khronos' dispenser, the mechanic had been wary at first, but when Rapture made no grab for the intelligence, that lay only three feet away, she calmed down, letting her be. Rapture watched the engie run back and forth between her machines, checking to make sure everything was working, tightening a few bolts here and there, she never seemed to stop.

The sound of Judgement laughing was all Rapture needed to sap the sentry and grab the intelligence while Khronos checked to see how far away the heavy was. Rapture ran down the opposite hall Khronos had gone down.
She passed Judgement and Sora, the medic taking her healing beam off of Judgement for a second to give her a boost of health, then Rapture was around the corner, sprinting up the stairs.

Fresh out of respawn from a surprise attack from the BLU Heavy and Medic, Shy saw Rapture jumping off of the staircase, heading towards the front door. Shy grinned, making her way to the balcony where she stood on the edge, placing stickybombs in spots where the spy wouldn't see it until it was too late.
A shot in the arm brought Shy back from her Rapture watching, and she took a large step to the left, wincing as she tried to move it, "Medic!" She called out, eyes still on the door.
A flash of a BLU suit, an explosion, and then the light blue became crimson, a red briefcase slid onto the bridge was all that became of Raptures attempt at turning in the intelligence. Shy smirked, and turned, heading towards the Resupply room to find something to heal her wound.
Thais was feeling slightly paranoid that she hadn't set a spy on fire yet, usually by now she had sent a RED spy to respawn about ten times, Pillsburys' buildings hadn't been sapped once yet, and she hadn't seen anyone dead from stabs to the back yet. It worried her, where the hell was their spy?
Then she paused, remembering that she had lit one on fire and killed him the other day. It had been after the battle, so the respawn system had been off. Oops.
Maybe now she could relax a bit.
Alaya just finished blowing up the medic and heavy duo who were hanging out in her intelligence room, easily doing so, thanks to an ubercharge from Gerald. Gerald left at the call of 'Medic' from Echo, giving Alaya a quick nod as he left, she roloaded her rocket launcher, heading towards the Resupply room, pulling out the missiles and placing them on her belt, then switched to her shotgun, replacing the bullets in it as well. She headed down stairs, then out the front door, glancing around.
Alaya saw Thais standing there and grinned her crazy bloodthirsy grin while pulling out her rocket launcher, she paused, aiming, and fired, Thais was killed instantly.
So much for relaxing.
At the end of the day, RED managed to get through all of BLU's defenses, winning for the day. The cheers from the RED team were louder than they had ever been seeing as they now had a full team. Everyone on BLU, except Fate who had an extremely pissed off look on his face, looked worn out and slightly depressed, shoulders drooping and eyes on their feets as they shuffled back to the kitchen area.
"Now. I know most of our team is new, but I thought you guys would have at least an inkling on how to fight properly!" Fate shouted.
"We do, we just don't know the area." Pillsbury spoke up.
"Well, you had three days to survey it on your days off." Fate retorted.
"Honestly, I ain't gonna waste me time. I get paid the same whether we win or lose, son." He shot back, shooting Fate an indignant glare.
"Oh this is gonna be interesting..." Rapture murmured to Thais, who nodded and made a sound that sounded like, 'Agreed'.
"Guys, lets just forget this. We'll work harder tomorrow.We'll win. It was a hard day of firsts. Now we know what to expect." Sora said, trying to get the two to stop glaring at each other.
"Hmph. Fine by me, now what do you say, Solly?" Pillsbury stared at him, as if challenging him.
"Same." Fate replied, staring back. It was a tense moment as both men continued the stare down, seeing which one would look away first; though it wasn't really fair because you couldn't really tell where Pillsbury was looking through his googles. Fate gave him a nod as the microwave beeped, signifying that his food was done. The tense atmosphere dissolved, and everyone started moving around again.
"I swear, even though most of the team is girls, those male idiots figure out a way to fill a room with testosterone." Rapture muttered, stabbing her food mercilessly with her fork.
"Yeah. I don't even get why they have to act like they're on the high road and shit by saying 'Now what do you think?' just so they don't look like the bad guy." Lenny added.
"I'm just glad it's not me they're yelling at." Sora smiled at them, sitting down with Rapture, Lenny, Randa, and Thais.
"Yeah." Randa nodded swiftly, "Those friggin demon eyes of Fates', those things haunt me in my dreams, man." Randa shivered.
"Why? He's tame, Randa. You know that's the worst he's gotten here, he wouldn't, no no, couldn't hurt a damn fly if he even wanted to." Rapture told her.
"Heh." Randa laughed.
"Aw, I'm guessing this is the 'Anti-Fate' club or something?" Sora joked, and Lenny looked up at her.
"Pretty much." Lenny told her, "Ever since our first medic died he's been hell-bent on catching the one who did it. Which means tightening security."
"I feel like I'm back in high school." Randa whined, and Thais nodded, making a sound of agreement.
"Oh really? What'd he do?"
"He checks rooms."
"In the middle of the night. To make sure you're there, and not stealing the intelligence."
"Yeah. It's creepy. You don't see him, you see his eyes, glowing in the freaking dark, man. Scares me. I can't sleep after that!"
"Yeah, sounds like it. Though I've never caught him doing it."
"He doesn't suspect you. Just the originals." Lenny told her.
"Wow. Why doesn't he just have Rapture set up some spy traps or something?"
"Because," Rapture began, "he suspects me the most." Sora felt like she had pissed the Spy off somehow, the tone Rapture was using was no where near close to friendly, and she was beginning to see why he would suspect her.
"Ohh. Well, I hope we find out who it is, I don't want to lose another teammate."
"Oh geeze, Rapture, calm down."
"You haven't lost one yet. We, the original BLU team, have. You didn't even know her..." Rapture stood up abruptly, leaving her food on the table and exiting the room.
Rapture is an amazing actress...

Sorry it's so short, I just didn't want to type the whole thing over again so I did a quarter of it.
Didn't even wanna write this much yet, but :iconshy-kill: was headed home today and I wanted this to be a sort of 'Welcome home' present to her.

Even though she doesn't live anywhere near me.... -__-


BLU Team:

-Engineer-Pillsbury-Friend who doesn't have an account

RED Team:

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