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"Get up, idiot." Rapture grabbed Ziras' shoulder and pulled her into a sitting position.
"W-wha?" Zira replied, yawning and rubbing her eyes.
"Fate's out of his room, we're going to search it."
"But...but he's a part of our team..."
"Come on Zira, he magically appears out of no where, the BLU headquarters was worried my ass."
"But Rap, that's mean..."
"Oh come on, don't you think it's suspicious that he's not in bed at 2:00 am?"
"...maybe he's in the bathroo-"
"Checked it, he's not there. Nor anywhere in the base."
"Ziriah!" Rapture sighed, "You're too trusting, you know that right?"
"Idiot... He could be a spy from the RED team."
"But he killed that RED spy we fought two days ago. That doesn't make sense."
"Maybe it was to get us to trust him."
" RED team member would readily get themselves killed just to let some other guy further his trust with us."
"What if the guy was suicidal?"
"Then he would have killed himself beforehand." Rapture sighed, placed a hand over her face, and shook her head.
"You know what? Next time I'll get Lenny, or Thais. I thought I could trust you, guess not. You're losing my trust and respect Zira. And being on my bad side is not a good place to be." Rapture turned and strode out of the room.
"Rapture..." Zira stared after her, then pulled her knees to her chest, thinking about which side to take in the future.
"It's a good thing you found me, I was totally lost!" A high pitched, Northern accent echoed across the surrounding landscape as a girl holding a baseball bat in one hand jogged to keep up with Fate.
"Yeah, next time try to be more careful please."
"Sure thing, er....what's your name again?"
"Epic! I'm Randa!"  
"Yes, I know. You've told me three times now." He couldn't help but get slightly snappish with the younger girl. She talked so fast and so often that Fate couldn't really understand her, nor get a word in edge wise.
"Oh really? Sorry, Hate."
"It's Fate. With an 'F'."
"Fate." She repeated the name several more times till she decided she wouldn't forget it.
Bullets sprayed around them, a few of them hitting Fate and Randa.
"Get to the base! Get Zira and Thais, tell them that I want some help with taking out an engineer."
"Okay!" She began sprinting, leaving Fate with the task of finding and killing the RED team member.
"Dammit,whereisthefuckingbaseat?!" Randa muttered as she ran...
...right into another scout, well more like the scouts baseball bat.
"Man you're dumb!" The scout cackled.
"....course this happens on my first day..." Randa muttered, placing a hand to her now broken nose.
"What was that?" The RED scout smirked, clearly sure she would beat Randa.
"I don't have time to deal with this..." Randa growled, swinging the bat at the RED scout half heartedly, only wanting the girl to back up a few inches so she could run off again. The girl jumped back, and Randa took off, the scout shrugged, and looked up into the trees, giving Munchy a thumbs up signal.
"I got this, Julia." Munchy whispered, aiming, and fired, the shot going through the BLU scouts shoulder, the girl stumbled,  a string of curses filled the air, "Well, that's good seeing as I haven't shot this thing months now?" She reloaded her sniper rifle, and aimed again, firing...
Fate was hiding in some bushes, watching for movement of the engineer, he had to be around here somewhere. Engineers never left their machines. He heard the snap of a twig and turned, a wrench hit him upside the helmet.
Fates' head hit the ground hard, he glanced up at the engineer, 'It's a girl?' He thought idly, reaching for his shovel, she placed a firm foot on his arm, pressing her weight against it. He kept his mouth shut, no way was he going to let her know she was causing him pain.
He used his other hand to hit the back of her knees, making her lose her balance for a split-second; long enough for him to yank his hand out from under her boot and retrieve his shovel. She turned, ducked a swing to the head from his shovel, and kicked him in the stomach before fleeing. Fate stumbled back slightly, looking up just in time to see the back of her yellow engineers helmet to disappear.
"There's always next time..." Fate muttered.

"Now stay down!" Julia shouted at Randa, poking the unconscious girl with her baseball bat. Three shots to the leg, two to the shoulder and one in the stomach was all it took to bring down the BLU scout. Julia looked up at Munchy, "Now what?"
"Leave her to die. That soldier is probably dead now too. Lets go, I'm hungry, and could totally go for a sandwich right now..." Munchy jumped down from her perch in the tree, they walked side by side, hands in their pockets, wondering aloud what there was to eat in the fridge back at base.
Fate dove into the bushes again as he heard approaching footsteps, he watched the two RED team members amble past, and waited till they were out of site before crawling out, and getting back on two feet. 'Where the hell are Zira and Thais?' He thought bitterly, running back to his base, and almost tripping over Randa. He paused,  "So that's why." He realized, and picked up the scout, slinging her over his shoulder and easily finding the base that was mere yards away.
The door open with a hiss and Lenny looked up, and gasped, "Oh my gosh, who is she and what happened to her? To you?"
"If she makes it she'll be our new scout. And I'm fine, just a couple of scratches."
"Oh my goodness, ZIRA! Get down here! And bring your medigun!" Rapture appeared from the doorway.
"I don't even wanna know..."
"Zira!" Lenny shouted again, she ran out of the room, looking for the medic.
"Mmmm!" Thais was there also, poking Randa in the head.
"Why didn't you protect her?!" Rapture accused.
"I told her to get you guys as back up, I thought there was only one enemy. Nothing indicated otherwise, it was the most logical choice!"
"Zira's not here!"
"Where the fuck is she?! Doesn't she know this girl is dying?!"
"We'll have to improvise. Fate, get her medigun, it's too heavy for me."
"Got it!" He was gone in a split-second, and Lenny looked at Rapture.
"Well, get some cloth, we need to stop the bleeding until he finds it!" Rapture grimaced, but did as she was told.
Rapture placed some cloth on the girls wounds, and Fate arrived moments later, "Where was it?" Rapture asked as he pulled the trigger to the medigun.
"Hidden in the same room as the briefcase." He replied,  concentrating on how the wounds were starting to improve.
"Why would it be there?" Lenny asked.
"...was the briefcase in there?" Rapture asked.
"I don't remember." He replied, "I was so concentrated on getting the gun." The scout began coughing, distracting everyone.
"It's alright, calm down. You're safe." Lenny soothed as the girl shot up into a sitting position.
"Ohmygawdthatwasthescariestthingthathaseverhappenedtomeinmylife!" She blurred, looking around.
"What's going on?" Zira came into the room, everyone turned to face her.
"Where we you?" Rapture asked, jabbing her pointer finger into Zira chest.
"Ow... I don't really remember. All I know is that my head hurts." She replied.
"That makes no sense." Lenny told her.
"Why is Fate holding my gun, and why is he all banged up? Who is that chick?" Zira asked.
"Well, while you were playing hooky, Fate and our new scout got the crap beat outta them." Rapture crossed her arms.
"Give me the gun Fate, it's your turn."
"Gladly." He handed it to her, letting the light blue aura surround him, and he immediatly started feeling better.
"I'll be back in  second guys, I need to check something." Lenny left, glancing back as the others began introducing themselves to Randa.
"And I'm Rapture, spy of this team, nice to meet you." Rapture grinned at Randa.
"Sweet." Randa replied.
"Guys!" Lennys' voice sounded alarmed, "Where's the briefcase?!" She slid to a stop, everyone looked at each other in shock.
"It couldn't have been from the other team, the alarm system would have alerted us." Rapture mused.
"As I was running back I met no one with our briefcase." Fate added.
"Who else could have done it then?" Everyone looked at Zira.
"What?" She asked innocently, "Y-you think it's me?"
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And, who do you think took the briefcase?
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PhoenixPrime is the engineer? wow didn't see that coming. will they believe it is Zira? or will any of them figure out who it really is... Fate smells a rat and they are close by.
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Who are you guessing it is?
Cooldude104 Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Student General Artist
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