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Zira watched in horror as Rapture and Lenny destroyed her room, not even after trying to explain while she had been gone to the best of her abilities had made them believe her. She honestly couldn't remember a thing, she still didn't feel up to speed, her mind and memory slightly foggy. "Guys! I didn't do this! I swear!" She clenched her fists as they tore through a box of some of her personal items. Rapture even going the extra mile and tearing it in half, "Why would I even want to do this?!" But this fell on deaf ears, Rapture and Lenny began to lift her mattress, "Found it!" The two girls called out at the same time. Lenny picked up the case, and shoved past Zira muttering 'Traitor' as she did so.
"I never thought it would be you, of all people Zira, never you."
"It isn't me."
"Then who the hell is it?! You're gone and all of a sudden you magically appear, and you have no idea where you were. Either you are lying or you got got so drunk you have amnesia."
"I don't drink."
"I know, which is why I'm going with the first one." Rapture sighed, and held out her palms towards Zira in an I'm-on-your-side type of gesture, "Zira, we're going to have to lock you up until-"
"No! I didn't do anything! I shouldn't be locked up for this!" Zira interrupted, getting the attention of Thais and Randa, who stood watching from the hallway.
"Zira, calm down, put yourself in my shoes, what would you do?" Rapture placed a hand on Zira's shoulder, "If you try to run now that will confirm what every else thinks."
"Everyone believes that I did it?"
"Yes. You see how those two are looking at you." Zira glanced at Thais and Randa, they looked away, trying to act like they hadn't been watching.
"...what should I do?"
"Let us put you in the holding cell. I figure out who actually did it."
"What if we get attacked?"
"Well...that's the thing, it seems Fate is the only other one who can carry it, well Thais can, but she prefers her flamethrower... So, either he heals us after the battle or we get a new medic to replace you." Zira's head shot up at that.
"I swear, if you get another medic, I will kill you..."
"Hey! I'm trying to help you here!"
"I know...I'm sorry." Zira sighed, feeling defeated.
"Come on, lets' go ahead and do this and get it over with, Zira." Zira nodded slowly, letting Rapture grab her shoulder gently and pull her along.
"I'll be back to check on you in a couple of hours. Think you'll be okay?"
"Sure." Zira replied in a montone. Rapture gave Zira a sad smile before leaving her.
Thais sat in the cafeteria, reading the instruction manual to her flamethrower, something had gone wrong with it, when she had tried to fire it during her personal training time it had malfunctioned, blowing up in her face. If she hadn't been wearing her heavy duty, flame retardent gear she would have been left as a charred skeleton. Now donned in a completely new set of gear, she read avidly through the manual, trying to figure out what had gone wrong.  It didn't make any sense, just yesterday it was working fine, what the hell had happened to it in that short a time span? Then she shot up, Zira was allowed out of the holding cell to get some of her things, and explain to Fate how to use the medigun, hers was the only other room in that wing of the building, and no one accompanied her while she got her things, she easily could have slipped in, sabotaged her flamethrower and slipped out. Thais got up, and stomped into her room, searching it for anything that would confirm her suspicions. She found it, a picture of Zira and a scout from her previous unit. The two were holding hands and sticking their tongues out for the camera. Thais almost shredded the picture in her anger, but then it would be useless, instead she slipped it into a pouch on her belt and stomped to where Zira was being held.

The thing was, she wasn't in there. Thais opened the door and entered, looking around. There was a low thump, and woosh of air as someone landed behind Thais.
"I knew you were coming..." Zira muttered darkly, and punched Thais in the face, breaking one of the eye pieces.  Thais stumbled back and then tried to grab her, but it was too late, Zira was on the other side of the door, locking it. She smirked at Thais and ran off, disappearing down the corridor...
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Sorry it's so short, I'm on a comp in the library, I'll continue this once I get home.


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