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"Okay Zira, I got some foo- Thais?! What are you doing in there?! Where is Zira?" Thais mimicked a fight, shadow boxing with the air, then like she was running through a door, turned and mimicked locking it. Then looked at Rapture expectantly, "Wow...what happened to your mask?" She asked as she unlocked the door, letting Thais out. Thais mimicked a punch to the eyepiece. "Oh...go on up to the med room, I'll tell the others what happened, then I'll be up to check out your eye." Thais nodded, and Rapture ran to the control room, hitting a button that signaled an alert. Everyone but Thais and Zira showed up and looked at Rapture with curiousity, "Zira ran off, but not before beating Thais up and locking her in her in the holding cell. If you see her, feel free to use your weapons. But don't kill her, oh no, we're not going to give her that pleasure. She's dangerous now, so be on your guard. That's all."
"This doesn't make any sense." Fate muttered, "She's smarter than to get caught that easily. Plus she can't fight worth a damn so she wouldn't have been able to beat Thais..."
"What was that?" Randa asked.
"Oh, nothing." Fate looked at her, she raised a brow at him.
"What are you looking at?" She asked self-consciously.
"That knife..."
"Oh, this?" She pulled it out of her belt, "Found it, pretty cool ain't it?"
"That's a RED spy's knife."
"What?" She looked completely surprised actually dropping it like it would bite her.
"Where did you find it?"
"It was near the holding cell. I found it while sweeping the room for Zira." She replied.
"And so the plot thickens." He looked at her, "Mind if I take it?"
"Sure, I don't want it since it's been in an enemys' hand..." She picked it up for him, dropping it into his palm. He slipped it into a pouch.
"Thanks, Randa."
"Anytime!" She replied cheerfully, "Now, I gotta go, I'm gonna play some baseball with Lenny."
"Have fun. Tell me who wins."
"Me of course!" She ran off.
"So modest." He rolled his eyes.
"How did they get the fucking access codes?!" Rapture shouted, as she pulled her spy mask on.
"Blame Zira, she probably gave them schematics to the base also." Randa shouted back, hitting a baseball at Khronos' sentry.
"Wait till I get my hands on that bitch!" Lenny added, firing a shot at Munchy, who took it in the shoulder, easily shrugging it off.
"They have a medic now!" Rapture fired at the girl.
"Is it Zira?" Fate asked calmly as he aimed his rocket launcher.
"It HAS to be!" Randa told him.
"But the hair, it's different."
"Maybe that's what she really looks like...You know, once she got back to base she bleached her hair back to it's original color."
"It's a possibility, but not very likely." Fate mused.
"Why are we even wasting time on this? Lets just kill her and get it over with!" Rapture growled, disappearing.
"Sounds like a plan!" Lenny agreed. She fired at the RED team members aiming especially for the medic.
Fate blasted Khronos' sentry to bits, now looking around for the elusive engineer. He had a hand on his shovel, a snapping sound above him and held his shovel up, and heard the clang of a wrench against his shovel. She jumped back as he swung it at her, the range was too close for his grenade launcher, the blast would kill him as well, he would have to resort for good ol' fashioned hand-to-hand combat. Good thing he was trained in this area as well.
She swung at him again, it hit the shovel with a solid 'clank' and Fate kicked her in the stomach, sending her onto her ass, she rolled as he swung down, his shovel getting stuck in the ground, he pulled it up with a swift yank upwards. Julia jumped from the tree she had climbed up to escape Lenny, she jumped down, landing on top of Fate, sending him face first into the ground. "Mmph!" He called out in surprise.
"Hey, good timing." Khronos smiled at Julia, giving each other a high five.
"Thanks! Now, time for some baseball..." She raised her baseball bat over Fates head, and swung...
"That fucking sniper," Lenny cursed, "needs to go to hell." She reloaded, taking cover behind a tree.
"I don't know how much more of this I can take..." Rapture coughed, and Lenny raised a brow at her injuries.
"I thought you were a spy, how do you get shot in the stomach three times?"
"They are really good at keeping their backs away from me, and doing spy checks..." Rapture replied, sitting down as she clutched her stomach.
"Thais, someone is coming up the side, can you take 'em out?" Lenny asked, Thais nodded, and picked up her flamethrower, jogging off.
"This was a bad time for Zira to betray us." Lenny offered.
"Yeah. Couldn't really think of a worse time."
Julia was mid-swing as shots were fired at her, and Khronos, "What the?" Julia muttered.
"It's their medic. She's right there." Khronos pointed at Zira who was sitting up high in a branch.
"How the hell did she get so high up?" Julia wondered.
"It doesn't matter, go take her out, I can handle the soldier."
"On it, boss!" Julia grinned, sheathing her baseball bat and easily jumping onto the first branch.
When Khronos had turned the first thing she had seen was the metallic gray color of a shovel, then her world went black.
"That's what you get for letting your guard down." Fate  muttered, and looked up.
Zira scrambled into a standing position as the scout ascended, she fired  her syringe gun, but it obviously was doing little to no damage to Julia.
"Ooooh crap." Zira immediatly starting descending on the other side of the tree, jumping to the ground after a few moments. She turned in time to see a red blur flying towards her. Julia landed on top of Zira, sending them both tumbling to the ground. "Oh..." Zira moaned, sitting upright. Julia was already up and baseball bat out by the time Zira shook her head and sat up. A swift crack to the head sent her down again, Zira rolled out of the way of another attack. She took off, hoping to lose the scout. She was doing fine until she ran into a blue form, a loud "Hey!" filled her ears but she didn't move for a few moments, when she did she saw Fate above her, giving her a slightly worried, but suspicious look.
"Oh hi there." She muttered, "Help me up." She held out a hand and he pulled her up.
"Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?"
"Yeah, you kind of told me earlier when you let me out of the holding cell."
"You don't remember? You let me out of the holding cell saying that I should lay low for a while out here."
"I never did that."
"Then who did?"
"Wait. Did you beat up Thais earlier today?"
"BOINK!" A swift baseball bat to Ziras head left the medic out cold, Julia turned and faced Fate, she grinned.
"I don't have time for this..." Fate growled, swinging his shovel at her head. She ducked, rolling and sprang up, Fate swung again, clipping her left temple. Lenny and Thais appeared from the bushes, and Julia took off, realizing she was outnumbered. They looked at each other and shrugged.
"We took out Zira." Lenny announced.
"Then who's that?" Fate asked, pointing to the unconscious medic that lay a few feet away.
"Well. Looks like we at least have her now. What exactly are we going to do with her?" Rapture asked.
"Kill her." Lenny told her, "She's become too much of a threat. She's escaped once, and went after Fate."
"What makes you think she went after him?"
"What else would she be doing unconscious a few feet away from him? Having a picnic?"
"Maybe we should ask him." Randa offered.
"Why waste the time?" Rapture demanded, "We can't let her have another chance at getting away with the briefcase, with hurting another one of our own."
"...shouldn't we let her plead her case?"
"Why? She's just going to say she's innocent. Every guilty suspect says that. Don't you watch tv?"
"...but that's not fair."
"Real life isn't fair."
"But still..."
"Randa, sweetie, why don't you go play some baseball with Lenny?" Rapture looked at Lenny for a second before the two left, Rapture clapped her hands together in Ziras ears, startling her awake, "Okay, Zira, listen closely, I'm going to offer you a deal. Now, this is an exploding offer, so you have to make your decison quick-like." Rapture looked up to see if she was listening, "Okay, the plan is we frame..."
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